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The IXTHYS Letter brings you the market's most innovative growth companies. The IXTHYS Market Direction Indicator™ and Safe Harbor Portfolio™ will help you profit from market downturns. Oh, and the IXTHYS Plan™ will also help you get out of debt, maximize your income, and become known for outrageous generosity! All for one low price!

Meet Dr. Thomas Carr

Dr. Thomas K. Carr (aka “Dr Stoxx”) is the Founder and CEO of IXTHYS as well as its partner site, (formerly “Befriend the Trend Trading”). Dr. Carr holds a masters and doctorate degrees from the University of Oxford. For 18 years he was a tenured professor to undergraduate students and Department Chair. He currently is a fulltime market analyst, systems developer, money manager and small business consultant. His approach combines a proprietary techno-fundamental hermeneutic with a unique set of "ethical-integrity" screens which are designed to find companies with strong organic growth, trading at a fair price, and that operate with a strong moral compass.

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