The IXTHYS Safe Haven Portfolio™ is a strategic set of 8 market positions that are used when the IXTHYS Market Direction Indicator or MDI (see my previous blog post) signals the onset of a correcting or bear market.  Anytime the MDI signals an approaching market pullback — and it only does so when it registers a major shift in the dominant, long-term trend via momentum, breadth and sentiment analysis — Dr. Carr issues specific guidelines for how much cash to take out of stocks, and how much to put into the Safe Haven Portfolio.
Comprising the IXTHYS Safe Haven Portfolio™ are eight Exchange Traded Funds which help subscribers not only protect their capital but even profit from a market downturn.  These “safe haven” asset classes have a history of outperforming the S&P 500, even rising in value, during bear markets, thus allowing us to multiply capital when most people are losing money.
Only subscribers to The IXTHYS Letter have access to both the MDI signal and The IXTHYS Safe Haven Porfolio.  You will see an example of the IXTHYS Safe Haven Portfolio™ below.