What is the IXTHYS Market Direction Indicator™ (MDI)?

Every subscriber to The IXTHYS Letter has full access to the IXTHYS Market Direction Indicator, or MDI for short.  The MDI is Dr. Carr’s proprietary tool for determining the dominant trend in any market.  The MDI also issues signals whenever it detects a shift in the major trend, either from a bull (up) to a bear (down) market, or vice versa.  The MDI is comprised of three unique market strength, breadth and sentiment indicators.  Together these indicators register a number on a scale from -5.0 to +5.0.  Any cross of the 0-line suggests a change in market trend, from up to down or down to up.  Any number over 4.0 or under -4.0 suggests an overextended market ripe for a reversal.
As you’ll see from the chart below, the IXTHYS MDI is very accurate in determining long-term market trends.  Historically, it has a 91% accuracy rate.  As you can see from the chart below, the MDI called the market top in 2002 and the market bottom in 2003.  It also signaled the 2007 top and the 2009 bottom.
When the MDI signals a down market, Dr. Carr issues a specific strategy to subscribers which is designed to protect capital and even profit from the market downtrurn.
All subscribers to The IXTHYS Letter have full access to the MDI and are sent updates via email between publications of The IXTHYS Letter.
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Actual MDI Signals: