There are times, in today’s world, where it can seem tricky being a Christian. Traditional values become bombarded with numerous cultural pollutants. It can be tempting to want to withdraw from the modern world. But it some ways, that’s just not possible, and especially when it comes to wise financial investments.

But at IXTHYS, we’ve got another option for you. We provide Biblically responsible investing, or BRI. Put simply, we’re able to prevent your investment portfolio from capitalizing on today’s cultural deficit. When we keep your money out of the hands of those who profit at the expense of society, you increase their cost of capital and force them to experience cultural and moral accountability.

We believe in achieving long-term capital gains through the ownership in securities of companies that are a blessing to humanity. We favor companies that clearly embrace:

  • Honesty, diligence, compassion, creativity, and prudence
  • Support for quality goods and services at fair prices
  • Support for a healthy and sustainable environment
  • Support for charitable giving
  • Support for the State of Israel and Jewish people

Jesus once said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” When God looks into our hearts and calls us to righteousness and purity, we should not be concerned about the return on our investments. Instead, we should focus on ways that our investments can glorify and honor Him. With this information, we’ll make as strong an effort as possible to build a portfolio that reflects our Biblically based worldview.