A: IXTHYS is Greek for “fish,” a symbol of both sustenance and provision. The company, IXTHYS, is both an investment advisory and a personal finance service designed to help everyone get out of debt, invest wisely, maximize income and build lasting wealth.  IXTHYS publishes The IXTHYS Letter, one of the most innovative market letters in the industry. It also offers consultation and conferences on personal finance with a focus on Christian principles.


A: We scan the markets every day to find the world’s most innovative and ethical companies. We use proprietary scanning systems to find companies displaying strong organic growth, trading at a fair price, and which display a corporate culture of honor and integrity. We focus only on companies whose products and services do no harm and which add real value to our society. In addition to being socially responsible, we focus on biblically responsible investing principles. Our investment advisors understand Christian finance and will advise you according to biblical principles.

Our due diligence process is very thorough.  It not only involves the use of state-of-art scanning software, programmed with Dr. Carr’s proprietary screening metrics, but also “behind the scenes” research through interviews with management, key analysts, suppliers and customers.

“Honor the Lord with your wealth, then your barns will be filled with plenty.” – Proverbs 3:9