Invest With Integrity

There are times, in today’s world, where it can seem tricky being a Christian. Traditional values become bombarded with numerous cultural pollutants. It can be tempting to want to withdraw from the modern world. But it some ways, that’s just not possible, and especially when it comes to wise financial investments.

But at IXTHYS, we’ve got another option for you. We provide Biblically responsible investing, or BRI. Put simply, we’re able to prevent your investment portfolio from capitalizing on today’s cultural deficit. When we keep your money out of the hands of those who profit at the expense of society, […]

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Making The Right Retirement Choices

As of 2015, there are approximately 40 million Americans that are 65 years of age and older. By the year 2030, once everyone in the Baby Boomer generation has passed the age of 65, the population of people older than 65 will be about 73 million people or roughly 20% of the U.S. population.

With advances in technology, we’re living longer. But that means more of us than ever before will experience a longer retirement than our predecessors. As a result, we need to plan carefully and wisely in order to enjoy our golden years. We can’t just count […]

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How to Build a Winning Stock Portfolio – Part 1

Dr. Carr has put together a 6-part video webinar on the topic,

“How to Build a Winning Stock Portfolio”

This webinar will teach you the 6 Key Steps you need to take to build a winning portfolio of great companies you can feel good about holding long-term.  You’ll learn how organic growth, valuation metrics, relative strength, a company’s mission, and analyst opinion are all positively correlated to a company’s share price over time.  Learn also how to use a simple scanning technique for finding a dynamic watch list of companies for further research.  Beat the S&P 500 10-fold with this simple […]

The IXTHYS Letter is off to a GREAT START!

Let’s face it, this quarter’s earnings season for many companies has been, in a word, stinky!  But not for our IXTHYS Portfolio stocks!  Wow!  That’s all I’ve go to say…WOW WOW WOW!

Check this out: we own shares in The IXTHYS Portfolio of a green-energy lightbulb maker…just reported earnings growth this morning of +1,076%!  It also announced a huge new contract, and is now supplying bulbs to over 30% of the Navy’s ships.  WOW!  Right now the shares of our stock are trading up +36% on the news!  WOW, WOW, WOW!

And last night, our IXTHYS Portfolio position in a car […]

What is The IXTHYS Safe Haven Portfolio™?

The IXTHYS Safe Haven Portfolio™ is a strategic set of 8 market positions that are used when the IXTHYS Market Direction Indicator or MDI (see my previous blog post) signals the onset of a correcting or bear market.  Anytime the MDI signals an approaching market pullback — and it only does so when it registers a major shift in the dominant, long-term trend via momentum, breadth and sentiment analysis — Dr. Carr issues specific guidelines for how much cash to take out of stocks, and how much to put into the Safe Haven Portfolio.

Comprising the IXTHYS Safe Haven Portfolio™ are eight […]

What is The Market Direction Indicator™ (MDI)?

What is the IXTHYS Market Direction Indicator™ (MDI)?

Every subscriber to The IXTHYS Letter has full access to the IXTHYS Market Direction Indicator™, or MDI for short.  The MDI is Dr. Carr’s proprietary tool for determining the dominant trend in any market.  The MDI also issues signals whenever it detects a shift in the major trend, either from a bull (up) to a bear (down) market, or vice versa.  The MDI is comprised of three unique market strength, breadth and sentiment indicators.  Together these indicators register a number on a scale from -5.0 to +5.0.  Any cross of the 0-line suggests a […]

General Biblical Principles for Personal Saving and Investment

Consult any financial advisor about where to put your savings and four things will guide their counsel – risk, return, personal circumstance and tax. It is unlikely that the ethical status of your investments will enter into their calculations. If you’re looking for Christian stock advice and looking for ethical investment advice, we’re glad you’re here. Today we want to look at a few general biblical principals for personal saving and investment.

Stewardship: The most widely quoted principle of biblical teaching to the practical issues of saving and investment is that of stewardship. Financial returns must come from somewhere – they do […]

Introducing The IXTHYS Plan for Personal Finances

The IXTHYS Plan for Personal Finances™ is Dr. Carr’s unique “3-Box” plan for increasing your income, multiplying that increase, and investing what is multiplied in order to build your financial legacy.  His plan teaches you, not to restrict your life and dreams to meet your current income, but to expand your financial cash flow in order to meet the dreams and visions God has given you for your life, your family and your legacy.

Watch this 16-minute video to learn more about The IXTHYS Plan for Personal Finances™:



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