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The IXTHYS Letter is one of the most innovative market advisory letters in the industry.  In every issue of The IXTHYS Letter, you receive the following:

  1. The IXTHYS Market Direction Indicator™ – 91% accuracy in signalling major market tops and bottoms!
  2. Short-term Market Direction and Current Market Commentary
  3. 1 to 3 Highlighted Investments for the month
  4. Current IXTHYS Portfolio with buy-sell-hold signals
  5. The IXTHYS Safe Haven Portfolio™ for Bear Markets
  6. Real-time Updates as needed between issues
  7. Past Performance Statistics
  8. Educational Articles
  9. Inspirational Thoughts of the Month

In addition, all subscribers will receive the following FREE publications:

  1. Dr. Carr’s new book, 5 Keys to Successful Investing
  2. Dr. Carr’s new publication, The Best Stock for the Next Decade

Contact us at IXTHYS for innovative and up to date information on Christian finance and stock investment advice. Dr. Carr’s experience and understanding of the stock market will help as he becomes your independent investment advisor. Subscribe now by clicking on the button to the right.