Average Gain per IXTHYS PORTFOLIO Position: +75.9%

Average Holding Time per Position: 12.5 months

Average Safe Haven Portfolio Gain during DOWN MARKET MDI Signals: +2.7% vs. -12.8% for the S&P500

The IXTHYS Letter uses a variety of approaches to stock selection.  The General Rules are as follows:

  1. Invest in the direction of the IXTHYS Market Direction Indicator.™  For market correction cycles, use the IXTHYS Safe Haven Portfolio.™
  2. Stock selection is based on the criteria as outlined in Dr. Carr’s various publications on trading and investing.
  3. All stocks selected for inclusion in The IXTHYS Letter have gone through a thorough ethical screening as described in 5 Keys to Successful Investing.
  4. Actual selection systems used will follow one of these fundamental types:
    1. Strong organic growth trading at a fair price with favorable technicals
    2. Smallcap stocks with recently raised eps estimates, growing sales, and favorable technicals
    3. IPO with a strong story, institutional and analyst support, and solid basing pattern

Click on the charts below to expand.  All returns listed are for the period: 1/1/2005 to 7/31/2015.  Note that the returns listed here are for the base scan only.  They do not include returns for stocks that pass through our additional discretionary screens and due diligence.

Type “a” is based on the long-term growth-fair value system described in 5 Keys to Successful Invesing.  Returns are yearly for the period: 1/1/2000 to 7/31/2015.

ixthys strategy chart  ixthys strategy stats

Type “b” is based on a proprietary smallcap system developed by Dr. Carr (not published).  Returns are yearly for the period: 1/1/2000 to 7/31/2015.

smelts 1  smelts 2

Type “c” looks for IPO’s less than 1 year old with strong stories, institutional and analyst support and constructive base breakouts (or pullbacks to support).  Holds can be short or long-term.  Here are a couple of recent examples of IPO’s in The IXTHYS Portfolio:


See positive results in your stock options trading with IXTHYS as your investment advisor, and increase your portfolio. Our stock advisors are knowledgeable about current trends and changes in the market.